Important Announcment

HDPE Fusion Is Evolving


We, at HDPE Fusion, are proud to announce the growth from your support has resulted in the expansion into the Construction, Agriculture and Forestry Industries. 


Timber Wolf Industrial will continue to serve the HDPE community with the high standards expected from you, our loyal customers, and will also perform the same expectations to many more new markets.

Thank you to our current clientele.  We couldn't have done it without you!

2021 will result in a North American road trip introducing new HDPE fusion gear and supplies.  If you would like to welcome us to your facility, contact

Our Vision

HDPE Fusion is a pioneering company customizing high quality fusion equipment accessories and supplies. 


Our partners have over five decades of global experience within the industry and a commitment to assist with your project to be productive, profitable, and safe to you, your employees and your community.

Our Services

HDPE Fusion provides O E M and replacement parts for American, Australian and European made fusion machines at affordable prices to keep your fleet productive.

Our consultants and partners will provide the most up to date training and originality to help expand your business to be more industrious  and resourceful.

Our Solution

HDPE Fusion is a multi-faceted company that combines ingenuity and affordability for your PE fusion equipment and projects.

Our inventive team uses their  experience to adapt existing equipment with state of the art accessories and supplies.


833-333-HDPE (4373)