My vision began in 2015.  It was well known that the choice of equipment, parts and services were lacking in the plastic pipe industry. I wanted to change that.


In August 2018, the dream of developing such a concept came true after years of melding minds from Manufacturing, Product Development, Service, and Retail.


Let me help your business succeed.  I offer quality OEM and replacement parts for American, Australian and European made fusion equipment.  HDPE Fusion has the privilege of introducing the next generation in High-Force fusion equipment.  Now on U.S., soil is the WorldPoly PolyForce HF CNC capable tracked machine.


In January 2020 HDPE Fusion was awarded distributorship for Sustainalube.  An Eco-friendly, water soluble, oil-free chainsaw lubricant.  It is the alternative to running your chainsaw dry to avoid contamination.  The use of Sustainalube will result in lower operating costs and improve the life of your chains and bars.  

HDPE Fusion is proud to be the alternative you have been looking for.

Lisa Zachau


PolyForce 630